GL-2S Ground Screw Mounting

Install Site: Open Field/Ground
Module Angle: 10-60°
Max. Wind Speed: 60m/s
Snow Load: 1
Material: 4KN/m2
Colar: AL 6005-T5
Warranty: Natural or Customized
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  • Introduction

The ground screw mounting system is a new preassembled ground mounting system. With patented and innovative support rack and rail design, standard components, highly preassembled clamps, not only the overall stability of the system can be ensured, but the installation can be even more easier finished. It is an effective solution for large ground projects.

  • Components

  • Installation
1. Precast ground screw foundations

2. Install the preassembled support racks and triangle fixing components

3. Install the rails

4. Install the solar panels