RP-1 Pitched Tile Solar Roof Mounting System


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The Pitched Tile solar Roof Mounting system is suitable for installing framed and frameless modules on the pitched roof. With patented and innovative rail design, standard components and highly preassembled clamps, the installation can be easier and faster. It is an effective solution for roof projects.

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RP-1 Pitched Tile Solar Roof Mounting System


Solar tile roof mounting


Pitched Tile Solar Roof Mounting system is suitable for installing framed and frameless modules on the pitched roof with high strength and excellent stability. It is fast to install with less components and high pre-assembly. Long service life of 25 years enabled due to the high-quality materials.

Please read the guide book carefully before the installation.

2.Tools and and equipments

solar tile roof mount part1


solar tile roof mount part2

4 .Installation

4.1 Install the tile hooks

Please prepare all the needed tools and related products before the installation. Mark positions of all the hooks according to the construction drawing. L1 normally equals half-length of solar panel. L2 equals the span length of hooks, which is same as the construction drawing. Please make sure that all the hooks be aligned horizontally and vertically, ensure the tile hook placed on the roof wooden rafter and fixed it with wood screws.

solar tile roof mount part3

4.2Install the rail

(Connect the rails with rail splice if the rails are not long enough, otherwise skip this step) Insert the rail splice half into first rail and then fix it with 1pc M8x12 hex bolt. Then insert the other half of rail splice into second rail, match them together and then fix them with 1pc M8x12 hex bolt as well. Then the first and second rails are connected.

solar tile roof mount part4

Fixing the rail on hook by Z nut kit.

solar tile roof mount part5 RP-1 Pitched Tile Solar Roof Mounting System

4.3. Install the solar panels

Suggest to start the installation from left to right. Each mid clamp needs to be equipped with one grounding washer. Two end clamps of each array/line need to be equipped with two grounding lugs.

solar tile roof mount part6 RP-1 Pitched Tile Solar Roof Mounting Systemsolar tile roof mount part7 RP-1 Pitched Tile Solar Roof Mounting System

5. Installation notes

5.1. Notes for sizes

All the dimensions should be subject to the construction drawing. This guide book is for descriptive purpose of installation only.

5.2. Notes for stainless steel fasteners

Stainless steel material is quite different to carbon steel with its excellent ductility. It would be unable to unscrew the bolt and nut after matching in case improper use. That is “lock up”, known as “dead lock”. Methods to avoid lock up as below:

5.2.1. Reduce the friction coefficient

a. Make sure the surface of threads to be clean (without dusts or clutters);
b. Suggest to apply water wax or lubricant on surface for installation (such as butter or 40# machine oil)

5.2.2. Use correct operation method

a. The bolt must be perpendicular to the axis of thread when screwing. Do not lean the bolt;
b. Apply the force evenly when tightening and the tightening torque should not exceed the specified secure torque value;
c. Using torque wrench or socket spanner as far as possible, avoid using monkey wrench or electric wrench; Adjust the rotational speed as low as possible when using electric wrench;
d. Avoid high temperature; To avoid lock up which caused by sharply increasing temperature, do not rotate rapidly. (like using electric wrench)

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